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Online Certified Mail Label Services for Your Convenience

These days the most convenient way of sending mail is using the internet. But there may be times when you need to send important, sensitive documents in a more secure manner. It could be more secure to send these sensitive and important documents using the us postal services. You, however, cannot just allow the mailman to drop your important documents in the mailbox and leave it there until someone gets the mail. But with the certified mail service of the USPS, there is more security given to your important mail to ensure you that it falls on the right hands.

One of the things you receive when you the USPS certified mail service is a proof that you have mail sent through the post office. This would include a tracking number that you can use if you wish to know if the recipient has already received the mail. A signed receipt confirming delivery will be sent back to you when the recipient has received the mail.

However, if you need to send a bunch of Certified Mail, then going to the post office, filling out the certified mail forms and affixing them in your mail can be a very laborious, costly, and time consuming task. This scenario can be witnessed in large offices where, each week, they need to send volumes of mail to their clients. You put more time in the mailing process since you still need to add return receipts for every mail. Once you have mailed all your items, you might think that your job is over. No, you still need to keep all the records of the different tracking numbers of all the items that you have sent.

Today, however, this problem has been given a solution through the latest online certified mail label services. A online site, the Certified Mail Labels is one great resource where you can address and print certified mail labels online. With this site, you can do everything in the workplace or in your home so you forego the hassle of bringing all your mail to the post office to have the labels done. You get money savings for every certified mail green card receipt that you receive. If you use this site, then you dont have to pay any monthly fee. There are no contracts to sign, software or special equipment to use. And everything is sent in your email including your electronic delivery confirmation, return receipt signatures, usps certified mail tracking and everything is archived for 10 years at no additional cost. Every compliance letter will have its proof of mailing letter tracking and delivery confirmation. This online service can be used 24/7 throughout the year.

If you visit now, you will experience the convenience of using this great online solution to your problem of sending certified mail.