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Tips for Choosing an Office Coffee Service

If coffee is an indispensable part of your work routine, you know how this drink can make you more energetic, not only in the morning but all throughout the day. And giving your employees the same benefit can go a long way towards making them feel appreciated and improving their morale. Hiring a coffee service for your office is a step in the right direction, but with the many options available, choosing can be a feat.

So how do you make that choice? Below are pointers to help you:

Pots vs. Single Cups

Just a few years ago, office coffee services relied only on single-burner coffee makers. That last cup from a pot that had been there for hours was always unwanted, and everyone was always waiting on someone to make the next pot. Good thing they invented single-serve brewers which can now be found in many a bustling workplace. Compared to old-fashioned pot brewers, this new coffeemaker style has s a few advantages. Perhaps the most important one is that each cup is new. The issue of who should make the next pot will also be history.


Through an office coffee service, your staff can have more opportunities to express their individuality by choosing their preferred coffee variant – espresso, latte, plain, Stevia, decaf and more. In any case, go for an office coffee service that gives your employees a wide array of options. Even for those who don’t like coffee, office coffee services can offer tea, chocolate and even milk.

If you have no idea which office coffee service package to have, try asking your staff what they want or don’t want. This way, you can be sure that everyone will be happy. After all, your workers are your business’ frontliners. If you take care of them, it will encourage them to do better at work and improve your bottomline, directly or indirectly.

Again, because office coffee services are not created equal, it’s crucial that you make the right choice. That means doing a little research as you try to find the right one for you. Make a shortlist of local coffee services and take a look at their websites to obtain more infomore info about them.

However, you need to read beyond the first page so you can gather enough facts about them. One of the best office coffee service providers is Office Coffee Service HQ, which is known for their wide variety and excellent customer service. Lastly, select a company that has substantial experience such as Office Coffee Service HQ. An experienced provider can often give you more satisfaction as a client.