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The Complete Guide to Become an AMSOIL Dealer

Becoming a part of the AMSOIL dealership was made possible starting the year 1973. Both full-time and part-time job seekers can benefit from becoming a dealer. People who choose to do it part-time do so to fund their passion like traveling, riding motorcycles, restoring cars, and racing. If you are interested in this dealership, you can read more now for everything you need to know about becoming an AMSOIL dealer.

In the industry, AMSOIL Columbus Ohio is leading in terms of its products. But then, if you want to get hold of these products, you have to get them from an independent dealer. It is the goal of this company to ensure to provide their dealers with the right training materials, technical support, administrative assistance, and the like to become a success. In short, you can have your own business and be your own boss and still earn extra income in the end.

To know what to expect as an AMSOIL dealer, check this page and view here!

Some dealerships require a great deal of investment on your part. However, with AMSOIL, the startup cost is just little. To become an AMSOIL dealer, just prepare $50. That is all the fee that you will need to pay to be registered, get a dealer kit, and begin your dealership journey.

In your AMSOIL dealer kit, you will expect to see a bunch of things. To start, you get a dealer profit list, wholesale price list, and a literature and sales aids price list. You will also expect a bottle of Quickshot and P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive, respectively. You also get a can of Metal Protector and two pillow packs of SABER Professional 100:1 Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil at 1.5 oz each.

Unlike other businesses, with AMSOIL, you will not be spending for high start-up costs.

Once you become an AMSOIL dealer, you will not have to deal with inventory requirements anymore. Starting your own business from scratch requires inventory work. Other responsibilities include processing returns, calling manufacturers, and making sure that your customers get your products delivered right on time. And yet, with AMSOIL, you do not have to look into these things anymore.

Running a business always requires the nitty-gritty of making an inventory. If you become an AMSOIL dealer, you do not need to do such a task anymore. You just have to go directly to AMSOIL, and you can then sell products and fulfill all of your orders.

For AMSOIL orders placed on the weekdays at 5 pm Central, they will be processed and then shipped in 24 hours and arrival often takes place in the next three days. Customers are satisfied with how fast their orders arrive. For orders that reach a minimum of $350 or more on the part of the AMSOIL dealer, the shipping fee will be free.

Finally, AMSOIL is equipped with a Regional Sales Manager team that can help address your questions as a dealer.